Prevention Strategies

The following tips are derived from teens giving advice to other teens about pregnancy prevention:
  1. Protection_2.jpgMy Plan: Don't think it won't happen to you. Sex is serious, make a plan.
  2. Who Knows: Just because everyone's doing it doesn't mean they actually are--some are, some aren't, and some are lying.
  3. Ouch Me: A good reason to say, "No, not yet" is to protect your own feelings.
  4. Up 2 U: You are in charge of your life. Don't let anyone pressure you into a relationship or sex, you are the decider.
  5. Find the 1: Find Mr. Right first.
  6. Opt Out: You can always say no--even if you've said yes before.
  7. Right Choice: Using protection is just being smart. It doesn't mean you are pushy or easy.
  8. Mood Kill: If you think carrying a condom ruins the mood consider what a pregnancy will do.
  9. High Note: If you are under the influence you can't make good decisions. Don't do something you might not remember or may really regret.
  10. Baby Baby: Sex won't make him yours and a baby won't make him stay.
  11. It's Apparent: Not ready to be a parent? Don't have sex or always use protection.
  12. Pic Smart: There's no changing your mind in cyberspace. Sending explicit text messages or photos will be out there forever.
  13. Parent Helper: Help your parents out and let them talk to you about relationships, sex, and contraception. It's awkward for them too.

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