Fathers of Teen Pregnancy

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Most of teen pregnancy is focused on teen mothers and not teen fathers. There are few resources for teen fathers and this may contribute to a teen father being absent in the child's life. Teen fathers have every right as a teen mother does regarding the child, and has every legal right to be a part of the child's life.
There is a few resources for teen fathers:
  • Parents as Teachers
This program will enroll fathers and will provide developmental information, developmental screenings, and address any
concerns the father may have
  • Parenting Life Skills Center
This program is a child abuse and neglect prevention program that works with area social service agencies, faith
communities, and local and state government entities. This program also offers other programs within it to help teen

You may think having a baby will make your relationship even stronger, but the fact is 8 out of 10 fathers don't marry the mother of their child. It's also true that these absent fathers pay less than $800 annually for child support, often because they are poor themselves and can’t afford legitimate support payments.

Alfie is a 13 year old new father. Alfie (13) with girlfriend (15), and Baby

Parents as Teachers
Parenting Life Skills Center
National Fatherhood Initiative: The Father Factor